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Name:Amy VanHym

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a perfect circle, alan watts, alex grey, analytic philosophy, anatta, anonymity, anti-authoritarianism, anti-google, antique books, arjen lucassen, arthur c clarke, artificial intelligence, atheism, auryn, ayreon, back to the future, bertrand russell, blasphemy, bruce coville, buddhism, carl sagan, cats, classic liberalism, classical liberalism, craft beer, cycling, dark chocolate, deviantart, diablo 2, discworld, disney renaissance, doctor who, douglas adams, drawing, dystopian fiction, econophysics, egalitarianism, elevatorgate, etymology, exercise, fanfic, fanfiction, fiction, final fantasy, firefly, florence + the machine, free speech, freedom of expression, game of thrones, gamergate, gaming, gardening, george orwell, gothic horror, hard sci-fi, hard science fiction, hiking, history, horror, howard ashman, human nature, i ching, impermanence, incense, intactivism, issac asimov, jordan b peterson, julian assange, kurt vonnegut, language, lovecraft, malice mizer, marijuana, meditation, men with long hair, meritocracy, metal, mindless self indulgence, monsters, muse, mushrooms, music, nature, neuroscience, neverending story, nightwish, nonviolence, orion, orwell, oscar wilde, outer space, palahniuk, path of exile, peace, peacekeeping, pencil, philip k dick, philip k. dick, philosophy, photography, piano, pink floyd, portraiture, post-apocalypse, psilocybin, radiohead, ramin djawadi, ray bradbury, reading, rick and morty, rollercoasters, sci-fi, science, science fiction, scissor sisters, sketching, stanley kubrick, star wars, stephen king, stories, storytelling, sword in the stone, symphonic metal, taoism, team fortress 2, terry pratchett, the fountain, the scientific method, the x-files, theravada, thunderstorms, time travel, tool, torchlight, torchwood, trees, ust, vajrayana, vidya, vidya games, vince gilligan, viscera, visionary art, weightlifting, wilde, woodkid, writing, xibalba, zdzisław beksiński
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